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Privacy Policy

Weld Kart is pleased to serve you personally, and expects to build and keep your confidence in us. We don't sell, trade, or give away our mailing list. Any info you provide as a registered user is never shared with any party unless you explicitly notify us to do so. Your info is totally private and confidential with us. We know that privacy is of excellent concern to many users of the world wide web, and it is a vital part of a pleasant and satisfying user experience. This guides everything that we attempt to achieve. We're acutely aware of and very sensitive to the privacy concerns of our clients along with other visitors to our site.

Regardless if you're a client or a visitor to our site, we assure you that we don't collect personal info other than what you provide to complete a transaction. We don't use cookies to track behaviour of visitors to the web site. We're happy to get your suggestions and feedback. Feel free to contact us coustomer@welkart.com if you've any questions or suggestions.